Featured Dancer

This page will spotlight some of the greatest dancers from the past to the present day. 

Fifi Abdo


One of the greatest Egyptian dancers of our time, although Fifi is now approaching retirement. She is considered the ‘Bent Al Balad’ translating to village girl in the big city. She has married four times and comes from a poor family. Fifi educated herself in literacy and can apparently speak a little English. She is loved for her powerful hip shimmies that reverberate up though out her body combined with heaving chest lifts and travelling hip drops that look so completely effortless. She is also mistress of the cane weilding it with complete control achieving a speed and power unusual for women whilst still maintaining elegance and femininity.


Now one of the richest women in Cairo she worked her way up through dancing at weddings and achieved fame starring in movies, her style partly influenced by Tahiya Carioca whom she greatly admired. Fifi is no stranger to controversy and has been heavily criticized for being provocative and vulgar by Muslim authorities for performances that have pushed the boundaries of convention. But she is also well known for helping the poor and destitute of Cairo, were she resides. She is also famous for her fantastically extravagant costumes of which she is rumoured to have over 5000 of them!

Past Featured Dancers:

Petite Jamilla



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