Featured Dancer


Petite Jamilla

 Petite Jamilla is the youngest member of the troupe.  She is also one of the biggest "wows" in the show, doing her whirling dervish-like spinning with double veils.  One gets dizzy just watching her.  She is also a musician, playing, of all things, Scottish bagpipes.  During the 60-date early 2004 tour, Petite Jamilla played the pipes, merging bellydance with traditional Scottish sword dance, which also proved to be a huge crowd pleaser.  Simply put: it is impossible to classify Petite Jamilla as just another bellydancer.  She is absolutely unique and immensely talented.


Petite Jamilla is a resident of Montevallo, Alabama, a small University town 20 miles south of Birmingham.  Her mother, Jamilla Rasa, was also a bellydancer, teaching her daughter from age 4.  Petite Jamilla's first public performance was at age 5.  Though the youngest, she has had more experience than most dancers in their 30s.  And she still has that youthful energy that makes her an unstoppable force.  In the Bellydance Superstars, she can put that energy to good use.  But her initial attempt to join the Bellydance Superstars met with a painful rejection, as captured on film in the documentary, "American Bellydancer."  The company staff is seen recognizing she had that "something," but at the time, priorities were elsewhere.  Later, when the Bellydance Superstars performed in Birmingham, and Petite Jamilla was asked to be the guest dancer, she greatly impressed the entire Bellydance Superstars entourage.  They insisted she be hired for the next tour, and she has been with us ever since.




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