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Ramona has been dancing since 1996. Her  first teacher was Jane Cook (a qualified JWAAD dance teacher, Josephine Wise Academy of Arabic Dance)

To Jane, Ramona is  indebted  for introducing  a life long passion for the beautiful and feminine dance form known as Raqs Sharki. Ramona has also attended classes and workshops with many different wonderful teachers, including Julia Brunswick of the Raqs Sharki Society, 


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Belly dancing is a powerful celebration of femininity. Nowadays in Middle Eastern countries dancing frequently happens behind closed doors with women dancing for other women, friendships and bonds are thus made and reinforced. There are so many diverse  styles of  dance from traditional folklore, dramatic cabaret performance to the more recent developments expressed in American Tribal Dance. 


The health benefits of belly dance are considerable, it is a total body workout. Better posture, improved stamina, strength and flexibility can all be achieved with regular practice. Mechanical back pain arising from injuries and/or poor posture are often improved due to the safe strengthening of abdominal muscles whilst working on increasing spinal flexibility. It is a myth that belly dancing gives you a big stomach, the reverse is actually true as it tones the whole stomach area. The classes are a lot of fun and many new friends are made whilst getting fit.


Photography Copyright Steve Crocker.

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